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Lower Leg Conditions

The lower leg is found between your ankle and knee. The lower leg is a common area for pain in all ages of people. Some conditions such as shin splints can be resultant from numerous factors. The muscles of the lower leg control the movements of the foot and provide it with stability. Increases in activity or changes in shoes sometimes cause sore muscles or tendonitis. Increase in physical activity such as starting an exercise program is a leading cause of lower leg pain, but there are many other health conditions that can cause leg pain as well.

Shin splints

Shin splints is a collective term used to describe a group of injuries affecting the shin bone (tibia). Overuse of muscles attaching to this bone pull excessively causing inflammation and pain. Symptoms may vary from a mild discomfort to an intense burning pain. They are most noticeable at the commencement of exercise or walking and diminish as exercise continues. Pain often returns after exercise and can be worse the next morning.

Poor foot mechanics and excess pronation (flat foot) can place extra strain on shin muscles and lead to overuse.

Weakness of the shin muscles and lower leg muscle fatigue can also be a factor in lower leg stress fractures so don’t delay in seeking treatment.

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